Delivery costs are based on the price of diesel at time of booking, the distance of your venue from our Brighton warehouse, and the amount of equipment to be transported.  Please be aware that an increase in fuel costs may incur a surcharge.

The site itself can be on either hard or soft ground but must be level. If on soft ground allowance should be made for Yurt pins of up to 3 feet to be driven in and be on land that has good drainage.

This is primarily a consideration for guest access and any exterior usage or installations you may have as our yurts benefit from custom-built, off-the-ground flooring which will keep our interiors cosy and dry in the event of any wet weather.

Should your site or access not meet the above specifications, please do give our helpful team a call as most issues can be overcome with a little creative thought!

Monday, 15 October 2012 15:36

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