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Wedding & Event FAQ's:

Q. How many guests can I accommodate?

Below is a guideline of how many guests could comfortably use the space.  However please bear in mind that it will depend on whether your guests will be seated or standing and if seated, what table and chair arrangements you have chosen.  Do consider that for larger events you may require areas for reception, dance floor, stage, bar etc.

  • 24' Yurt - up to 40 seated or 90 standing
  • 18' Yurt - up to 20 seated or 30 standing
  • 24' + 18' Yurt - up to 60 seated or 120 standing

Q. Can I decorate the yurt myself?

Yes, you are welcome to decorate the yurt to your own taste and specifications.  We would just request however, that string is used as opposed to tape or staples.  Our friendly team will be more than happy to offer you advice on ways to do this.

Q. When will the yurt be erected and dismantled?

We will generally erect the yurt the day prior to the event and dismantle it the day after (standard 3-day hire).  Additional hire time is possible by prearrangement with our booking team. 

Q. Will I need carpeting / matting?

Our Dandydura matting or heavy duty carpetting comes as standard in our event and wedding yurts, as does our purpose-built hard wood flooring - no wobbly tables and chairs!  It also provides the ideal base for a dance floor, bar or stage.

Q. Can heels be worn on the matting?

Heels are absolutely fine with the Dandydura matting and carpetting as it has a really tight weave.

Yurt Equipment:

Q. Are yurts waterproof?

Yes. The outside covers are also made from breathable canvas so they do not get stuffy or humid like conventional tents or marquees.  This cover is also fire retardant to EU and UK standards.

Q. Will I need a heater? 

This will depend on the time of year and the weather on the day, as well as how late the event is likely to continue into the evening.  Yurts are self-insulating to a degree, much more so than a traditional marquee, and our off-the-ground flooring provides further insulation.  Please chat this over with our team who will be more than happy to advise you.

Q. Do you have toilets?

We have an affiliation with a company who can provide luxury portable toilets.

Yurt Sites:

Q. Will I need to provide electricity?

We will need access to a standard 240V power point but we supply our own cabling and circuit breakers.  If your site has no access to an electricity supply, generators will need to be arranged.

Q. Can yurts be set up on hard surfaces?

Yurts can be set up on both soft and hard surfaces depending on the the overall environment and surface. Please give our team a call to discuss setting up on a hard surface should you think it may be an issue.

For more information on the yurt site please visit our Delivery and Access page.

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